By now you already know that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have broken up. But do you know the reason? The Internet does. People are going crazy on Internet writing their own version behind the split. Here are some of the reasons according to the Internet. 

Not that Harris is broke or earns a meagre amount of money – he made $65 million last year alone. But his (ex) girlfriend made over a $100 million last year, has tons of houses and a private jet to go just anywhere in the world. She also has many many things named after her – awards and a Grammy museum to name a few. Harris was intimidated by her accomplishments and wealth (even her smallest of things cost much). 

Swift has two adorable cats and has claimed in the past that her friends think she’s a cat lady. According to many on the Internet her cats were the cause of the split – Harris didn’t like her cats. Swift spent all her time with her feline buddies and even slept with them, making Harris long for a real girlfriend and get out from the arms of a cat lady. 

Harris is 32, Taylor is 26. He desired for a woman, but she’s sucha girl. Blame it on her lack of experience or her conservative upbringing, Taylor was always a girl and never a grown up mature young woman. Even though she is all good and caring she just couldn’t satisfy the man in Harris. 

Her past kept on coming. She was in a relationship with Harris but was singing songs at her concerts about her exes. Everywhere she compared him with her long list of exes and Harris didn’t like it for a minute. 

She is America’s sweetheart, he is Scottish bred. They were different – socially, culturally, etc. Taylor wanted him to be in the States with her for Christmas, New Years, literally every holiday. She wasn’t really spotted with his family, and that was a deal breaker. Harris wasn’t able to catch up with his own family or friends in the UK. 

The couple began seeing each other in March when Taylor was rehearsing for her upcoming 1989 World Tour. The tour started in May and lasted till mid December. Calvin too was busy with his work commitments, which made it worse for the new couple to spend time. Even though the couple spent most of their time together during the holidays, their careers came in between, and in May they split up. 

Have you ever seen Taylor Swift without makeup? You will probably never see it. Swift is obsessed with makeup, and even wears it to the gym! You might find some of her bare-faced photos on the net, but she’s still wearing a no-makeup makeup. So maybe behind the red lips and rosy cheeks and smokey eyes lie dark circles, spots and basically a whole another person. Who knows. 

The Internet thinks that Taylor is so skinny that Harris was scared of breaking her! Yikes. Taylor has been called anorexic in the past, but we never knew she would be dumped for having no bass in the back. 

Okay, so here’s the thing: Going blonde (and platinum blonde) is a big risk. Your identity/persona changes in a way. The way people view you changes, and you become a new person altogether. Taylor went bleachella and it backfired. It’s hideous and doesn’t suit her at all. The makeover did not make her sexy or hot, but a crap. 

As much as she loves writing about her dating life, she loves being in the spotlight too. Every day there’s atleast one story written about the singer-songwriter. She loves wandering ’round and about in NYC and getting clicked by the paparazzi. Calvin Harris is a simple guy, who doesn’t really like to be clicked enjoying a meal with his girlfriend. Taylor has always played this game – keep quiet about your love life, yet go out on dates with your guy, get clicked by the media and the people, breakup with him, write songs about how badly he treated you and create a bad image of him. Swift has a passion for showing her man. When she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal, he being a private person, wanted the relationship to be out of the public eye but Taylor didn’t. She wanted to be seen, and soon they split. The same thing happened with her other affairs. 

She was into him too much, he wasn’t. She thanked him in her award acceptance speech, he didn’t. His love was just not deep. Sorry, Taylor. 

Yes, this is the last one. Swift has a girl squad comprising of some really well-known girls from the entertainment industry, and many of them are hot. Selena Gomez is good as hell, with right curves and edges, and a bass. Kendall Jenner is sexy, while Taylor is often called a prude and ‘lacking it there’. She looks like a high school girl who likes dress up games. Even in revealing clothes she looks unsexy and cold. So was this is a reason? No proof, but some people on the Internet think so. 


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