Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: Is It Over? 

It is 2016 – an even year – and Taylor Swift always and always releases her albums in even years. Her debut album came out in 2006, followed by Fearless in 2008, Speak Now in 2010, Red in 2012, and 1989 in 2014. In her songs she sings songs about falling in love with a bad guy, going on exotic holidays with him, and then crying helpless lyrics of a heartbreak. 

Her new album is anticipated later this year, and (some) people are already making up stories that Swift has broken up with her current boyfriend Calvin Harris, so that she could write breakup songs, sell her album and make millions of money to buy another luxurious mansion. That’s so mean. 

Swift and Calvin met through their mutual good friend Ellie Goulding last year. They celebrated their first anniversary this March baking a cake and then going on a tropical vacation. The couple hasn’t been shy in showing their love for each other – they walk hand in hand, post romance-filled pictures on Instagram, gush about each other in interviews, go to each other’s concerts and dance, and hang out with the parents. Theirs was a perfect story, but with sprinkles of cheating rumours and breakup rumours. 

Last year Harris was accused of cheating on the Shake It Off singer after he was alleged to have pampered himself to a ‘happy hour ending’ massage. Meanwhile Swift was rumoured to have cheated on him with one of her backup dancers. Unfortunately both the rumours turned out to be false and the romance continued. Harris celebrated Christmas and New Year with the Swifts in Nashville. 

As March came and the couple celebrated their first anniversary, media outlets started uttering if they were planning to move in together, or even get engaged. 

Calvin Harris apparently called it quits in late May. Taylor posted a photo on Instagram with a reference to Calvin’s new song on May 20. The couple hasn’t been seen together. 

Neither of them have responded to the claims, and are still following each other on social media. The pair hasn’t deleted any of their photos too. Maybe they are too sad to go check their social media accounts? 

Or maybe Swift has turned her focus into writing another breakup anthem. 


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