All The Things Kesha Is Doing Apart From Battling It Out With Dr Luke 

The once upon a time colorful singer and Billboard chart ruler is now battling an ugly legal war with music producer Dr Luke, who also is her record label owner.

It was in late 2014 when Kesha filed a case against Dr Luke for sexually assaulting her and emotionally and mentally torturing her for a period of ten years she has been associated with him professionally. The same year she checked into a rehab for eating disorder. Her last album came in 2012, which was only her second. In 2013 she collaborated with Pitbull on the song Timber and since then her career has been on a hault. 

Checkout below what the talented singer has been doing lately.   

Much of the music fraternity has been kind to the singer-songwriter. Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Adele, Ariana Grande, and many others have echoed the #FreeKesha anthem. Despite not being able to release any song or perform anywhere her own songs, the 29-year-old has been invited by fellow artists to come and perform with them. She recently was a guest at Zedd’s Coachella slot and also sang at the Billboard Music Awards. 

Now that she has plenty of time to focus on herself and not worry about the tick toks anymore, she is busy loving, and pampering herself. Since her legal war with Dr Luke the singer has spent quality time getting inked. 

Apart from flaunting her new tats, she also flaunts her belly and belly button, and her alien nails, as she calls them. 

Kesha is also busy getting new ear piercings so that she can accessorise her ears more. 

And oh, she is also busy sharing her period boobs. 

Her love for hair colouring keeps her busy too. 

What does Kesha do when she isn’t getting new inks or hair bleaching? Stick out her tongue. As.Simple.As.That. 

Or just play with her cats. 

And stand up for animal rights.

Kesha is also not letting us forget her bad times. The truth will win, Kesha, and so will you. 

But, her most favourite pass time is? Nail art!!! Look at her Instagram page and you’d know why some of her fans want her to open a nail art business. 

These is such a simple yet classy art of nails, and that moon takes it to another level. 


Another new set of nails. Just a regular Kesha thing. 

These are sooooo awww-wow. But long do they last? 

I wouldn’t wash or even use my hands if I have these. 


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