Makeup Essentials For Summers 

Forget the dark, shady makeup ’cause summer is all about being cool for the colors. 

Summer can be really harsh, hot, and sweat-giving, hence it is always recommended to go light with your makeup. 


  1. Go for BB creams or CC creams instead of heavy foundations. They are not just known to give your skin little coverage but also nourishes it. 
  2. Powder: to remove or prevent sweat. 
  3. If you like wearing blush, choose a color that’s summer-apt, like pinks, corals, peach, etc. For extra glow on the face go for glittery blushes, and you won’t need highlighter and bronzer. 
  4. Experiment with your eyes! There are so many shades of eyeliners in the market, go for colored ones. Try out pink, turquoise, white, gold, yellow, and match them with your outfits. 
  5. Go for light colored eye shadows during daytime. For night parties, you can always glam up.
  6. Try a mascara if you have shorter lashes. They create so much difference. 
  7. The hot weather can dry off your lips. Go for lip stains or lipsticks that contain moisturising properties as well as sunscreen in them. Your lips need sun protection too. 
  8. Heal your lips with a good lip balm. I love lip balms from Burt’s Bees and Maybelline. 


For nails, choose summer-apt nail paints. Dark colours work best in winters while light colours look great in summers. Go for pinks, oranges, nudes, summery yellows, and mints. Try to avoid black, brown, maroon, dark green, dark purple, and navy. While choosing red, opt for tomato-red shade, or orangey-red. They work well in the summers. 


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