Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: Divorcing! 

Last week Johnny Depp’s mother passed away and just two days later on, his current wife (and 22 years younger than him) Amber Heard filed for a divorce asking for spousal support. Further stories said that Depp’s family hated Amber and she tored the family apart and was ‘controlling’. As media began reporting these claims, Heard filed another case against Depp, who she married last February. According to the actress Johnny was always high and often beat her up. This time he threw a phone at her which resulted in her facial injuries. 

Amber Heard has evidences – photos of her bruised face, and several witnesses. While Johnny Depp, on the other hand, has his friends and ex-partners standing up for him. The couple first met in 2009, but began dating in 2012 when Depp called it quits with his longtime partner and mother of his two kids Vanessa Paradise. 

Some media stories suggest that Depp didn’t like the fact that Amber was bisexual. He was against her lesbian friends, and her obsession with fame. Depp doesn’t want to pay her any spousal support and his lawyer has argued that Heard is a successful model and actress and can easily sustain herself. 

The case is getting ugly each day with new stories emerging. Let’s just hope this ends soon. 


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