If You Think Kristen Stewart Never Smiles, You Should See These Pics

Since her vampire days Kristen Stewart has been written about for all reasons – her acting skills, sneakers-on-red carpets looks, (ex) affair with Robert Pattinson, cheating scandal, going lesbian, et all. But one thing particularly disturbing is that she is called the gloomy expressionless sad person. Yes, she doesn’t smile at paparazzi when they snap her with her girlfriend ’cause she needs and wants privacy, and certainly doesn’t like being preyed. But at her recent Cannes outing, she was all smiles and cheerful. 

Maybe it is the newly bleached hair or her inner happiness or both, the 26-years-old was all in good spirits. 

At the ‘Cafe Society’ photocall with co-star Blake Lively, Kristen was funny, goofy, and cheerful. 

At one time she even took out her own camera and started clicking the paps! 

She is good at interacting with the media, no? 

And that smile with glasses – perfect. 


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