How Bipasha Basu & KSG spent their honeymoon 

Bipasha Basu and KSG tied the knot last month with a monkey theme. Unlike other couples who postpone their honeymoons for their careers, Bipasha and KSG decided to head for a beach honeymoon. 

Should we cut and eat ourselves?;)

The couple flew to Maldives for their honeymoon (which they called monkeymoon!), and were greeted very warmly with a cake resembling their wedding. 

Those towel arts!

The hotel left no stones unturned in flattering the couple. Bipasha shared these photos of towel arts. Maybe they should have done something with monkey(s), just saying! 

Bipasha and Karan are both beach lovers. The newlyweds spent time on the beach, and Bipasha made sure to show her bikini body to her fans on social media. 

The bride is not shy!

KSG posted this photo and told us just how lucky he got. [We will see how long this marriage of yours last.] 


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