Bella Hadid’s Cannes Look: Yay Or Nay? 

Cannes is definitely the hub of fashion, and the celebs proved it too at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. Model Bella Hadid, the younger sister of (model) Gigi Hadid, and the daughter of former model and actress Yolanda Foster, walked the Cannes red carpet in a very, very, revealing red dress. The red dress had a plunging neckline that only somehow covered her breasts, and a very high cut slit that resulted in a wardrobe malfunction revealing her crotch. 

Though the young model (she’s only 19!) tried to cover her modesty as much as she could, the paparazzi wasn’t too generous. They were all set to click her from all angles and get a dirty malfunction story. God knows how she managed those many hours in that skin-baring dress! 

Yay or Nay? Yay for surviving in that dress, and carrying it with elan. 

Nay for revealing too much, and telling us your body is your business. 


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