Kylie Jenner Needs A Better Man For Herself Than ThankYouGodAlways

Kylie Jenner has always been in the news for several reasons: first, for being momager Kris’ youngest daughter, then for being older sister Kim Kardashian’s copycat, and for those fuller lips. But the one reason that brought her into the spotlight was her relationship with rapper Tyga. The pair began dating when the rapper was still engaged to his child’s mother Blac Chyna and Kylie was only a teenager. After almost an year of denying they made their relationship known on Kylie’s 18th birthday last August. A lot of Instagram-worthy and Snapchat-filled holidays and vacations followed as well as Kylie’s appearances in his music videos. Tyga, a backronym for ThankYouGodAlways (yes, you read that right!), has only received flak for using the Jenner girl for being in the limelight. 

Tyga is a forgettable B-grade rapper who’s songs come and go and never make it to our playlists. According to reports, he lives in financial crisis, has been thrown out of his rented residence and owes people money, including $500000 to Kylie. The 26-year-old is a fan of Kanye West and hopes one day Kanye would brighten up his career. 

Kylie, on the other hand, is doing great for herself. She is the force behind the lip kits that sell out within days and is the face of several brands, one of them being Puma. At 17, she bought her own mansion worth $2.7 million in a gated community in Calabasas, California. The young girl is already worth over $ 5 million of money, and is amongst the top ten most followed people on Instagram. She was listed amongst the most influential teenagers in the world in 2014 and 2015. 

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

The Kylie-Tyga relationship has been controversial from the start. At the start of their affair, the reality star was only 16. She was made fun of by Blac Chyna, Tyga’s ex. Tyga sang dirty explicit songs about her, and Kylie kept him despite all the cheating rumours. He lived in debt, his albums weren’t able to sell out and his career never really picked up in a major way. 

Stories say that Kylie dumped him after catching him lying about other girls. Well, that has been long coming. Also, her arch rival Blac Chyna is now starting a family with her brother Rob. The Kylie Jenner-Tyga-Blac Chyna thing was too much. With too many negative stories about her love life and all those funny (yet disheartening) memes and jokes doing the round it’s not surprising that Kylie has broken up with Tyga. 

Tyga was never really a match for her. A young girl so successful and business-minded and he singing about her p***y is no match. If you follow her and have read her interviews then you’d second with me that she’s just a normal girl. The only fault in her stars: being born in the infamous family of seeking attention. Her mother cut her off any financial fund years ago and since 14 she has been paying her own bills. She is just a hardworking young woman trying to create her own business empire and break away from the shadow of her Kardashian siblings, and all she needs is a man who is good enough to keep her grounded and not take benefits from her. 


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