Beyoncé is comfortable singing about Jay Z’s infidelity but not divorcing him? 

Beyoncé is in news again – for dropping a surprise album, being a hardcore supporter of black women and blasting her husband Jay Z for cheating on her. In her latest album Lemonade she sings in detail about his infidelity, telling him she gives him life and just another warning that she has had enough. 

While everyone is shaming Mr Beyoncé for cheating on his beloved wife and, also trying to find the real Becky with good hair, one thing nobody is talking about is this: if Beyoncé is so scarred of Jay Z cheating on her many times, why doesn’t she leave him? Why is she comprising? Why is she playing happy family when she’s crying alone in the bedroom longing for her husband? WHY? 

There are multiple theories why Beyoncé and Jay Z haven’t split up yet despite several years of divorce rumours. The power couple, who has been married since 2008, has dealt with many news of marital woes, and with Lemonade their married life is out in the open. Beyoncé opens her aching heart to the world, singing about a certain man cheating on his wife, and then her mother Tina later toasting to her daughter with a post that says it all. 

So, apparently Bey would heal her broken heart with straight-on-the-face lyrics (and make millions of cash out of them), give public warnings to Jay Z and still live with him. Reasons? Read below.

  1. The 34-year-old saw her parents’ marriage collapse due to her father’s infidelity which not just devastated her mother but her too. Though her mother later married last year, it is true to say that finding real love after a failed marriage and kids is always difficult, especially for women. 
  2. Beyoncé is also a firm believer in monogamy and has had just two men in her life so far – her teen lover Lyndall Locke, who she dated from age 12 to 21,  and Jay Z, who she began seeing right after that. Locke cheated on her twice and she forgave him. Jay Z cheated on her and she is still with him! She is good at keeping cheaters under her belt. 
  3. Time again and again tabloids have accused Jay Z of having a secret love child and keeping Beyoncé in dark. 
  4. She doesn’t want her daughter to go through a broken home scenario and wants her to have the love of both her parents. Queen B clearly doesn’t want her 4-year-old kid to know about her daddy’s bad habits. 
  5. Jay Z and Beyoncé are jointly worth a billion dollar! While she is worth $350 million, Jay Z has an estimated wealth of more than $650 million. According to Lyndall Locke, Beyoncé always wanted fame, fortune and limelight, and Jay Z only highlighted her career. Their music collaborations have all achieved success. So, perhaps none of them want to sabotage their careers (and also the perks of being each other’s better half). 
  6. And lastly, maybe Beyoncé loves Jay Z a lot and can’t see life without him. 

While both of them are keeping a zippered face and not showing or revealing anything, there’s only one thing we can do: drink the lemonade. 


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