Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira are expecting their first baby but isn’t she too young? 


Last year when Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor married a no-connection-to-Bollywood Delhi-based girl Mira Rajput, it created a lot of buzz. Reason: Shahid was 34 while Mira was two months short of her 21st birthday. A gap of 13.5 years was too much. 

Just nine months after their lavish wedding and cute pictures together it’s been announced the couple is expecting their first child together. Okay, so congratulations. But isn’t Mira too young to be pregnant at just 21? 

Shahid Kapoor is glowing and blushing, and very excited to become a daddy. His family is happy and looking forward to welcoming the first grandchild in the household. But amidst all the congratulations, wishes and everything, one thing is running in my mind: Mira is way too young! 

The girl is only 21, herself a kid. Shahid should have given her some years to just have fun, explore life, fulfill dreams and think of a future than start a family. Shahid’s sister Sanah and brother Ishaan are the same age as Mira but they are exploring their lives and certainly not married. Sanah made her film debut last year while Ishaan is an assistant director and soon to embark on an acting career. To their parents they’re kids who should focus only on their careers and marriage for them can wait for years. [Double standards] 

But what about Mira? The marriage was an arranged one; initiated by their respective parents. She graduated from college last year and in July they got married. Unlike her peers who are either still studying or working in some companies, or her siblings-in-law who are finding movie roles for themselves, Mira is tending to her husband, taking care of the household when he’s away, grocery shopping, and learning to flash a smile when paparazzi spots her. On top of all these things she is now pregnant: getting many mood swings, stretch marks, and all the unsaid problems that come during pregnancy. 

Right after her dream marriage to the chocolate boy of cinema, the young girl was accompanying him everywhere – from the gym to the movie sets to meal dates and international holidays. She was seen partying with her friends, wearing dressy outfits, but now she’s probably reading books for new moms, learning how to change diapers, and getting frustrated on seeing her fat body. The baby is expected to arrive by September which means she would actually have a child in her hands when she blows out her 22nd birthday candles. 

Pregnancy is glorified so much that when one talks about pain, troubles, and problems related to it, it is ignored or looked down. Being pregnant (to an extent) also means losing your body and sleep, and also giving up your own self to raise a child. And that too for years until the child is old enough to be independent and take care of himself. Another thing after falling pregnant is: not having sex. Romance nearly dies, parenthood arises. 

At a young age of 21,it looks too soon, especially when the couple has been married for less than a year. I could be wrong in my bashing – maybe Mira is loving it all, eager to be a hands-on mommy. 

But Shahid proves he’s a typical narrow-minded man who wanted a domesticated wife. He had in the past enjoyed relationships with Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra who refused to settle down with him. When he himself couldn’t find a suitable wife for himself in the same professional he decided to marry a girl with no industry connection and someone who would not nose-dive in his career but rather thank her stars for marrying a rich known face. After all these years of dating independent successful girls, he married a non-earning young girl who he could dominate, and not feel jealous of her accomplishments. 

Mr Kapoor, Mira may not say this – but you lost respect from the girls who had a crush on you, who loved you and who secretly wanted to marry you. Sorry, but we don’t want a life like Mira’s. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel don’t excite us more than a man who keeps our preferences ahead of his. You’re proudly cheering and supporting your younger siblings, and giving them tips for a brighter career, but sadly you ruined a little girl’s life and made her somebody with no identity of herself. 


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