Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram Is Basically A Food Hub

I recently stumbled upon model and no-nonsense-taker Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram page and found that she posts more photos of her meals than herself, and let me tell you this: they all look so delicious and tasty. 

    Teigen, who is half Norwegian and half Thai, was born and brought up in the U.S. She began modelling at a young age, and there had been no looking back since then. 

Whether it’s salad or pies, her recipes look so delicious! 

She’s a meat lover!

 Chrissy is a big fan of homemade food and mostly prepare meals herself. The better-half of musician John Legend is non-veg and loves meat, meat and more meat. 


I want all of that for breakfast!!

 Chrissy loves sandwiches, pastas, noodles, and basically everything.  
When Chrissy isn’t flaunting her legs and booty on the magazine covers and red carpet, she is happily working in her kitchen. And oh, she writes cook books too. 

I want those PIZZAS.

Like Chrissy, her husband John Legend too share a love for cooking and eating. The couple often go out for meals. 


Looking at all these amazing food pics, one thing is sure: their soon-to-be-baby will never be hungry. Never. 


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