Best of Hollywood Instagram- March 2016 

How many celebs do you follow on Instagram? Two, ten, or fifty? I know how tiresome it is to go on every celebrity’s page and check their pictures, and hence each month I do a monthly recap to keep you all updated. Check out the Instagram pics that created waves in March. 

Taylor Swift and (the only guy who hasn’t broken her heart yet) Calvin Harris celebrated their first anniversary in March. The couple took a tropical vacation, and look at how hot Tay looks! 

Cara Delevingne who put a stop to her modelling career a while back recently collaborated with YSL. The owner-of-famous-brows has openly discussed how modelling resulted in depression for her. Now, she is keen to act and make a successful career in Hollywood. 

Selena Gomez has been on an Instagram high ever since she became the most followed person on the photo sharing app. Gomez,23, shared this old picture of herself in a Texas home. Note that her famous ex Justin Bieber really, really liked it. 

Gigi Hadid might be receiving some flak for dating the former One Direction guy Zayn Malik, but that doesn’t stop her from posting their pics on Instagram. Gigi posted this cute photo of cuddling with the star. 

Victoria Beckham shared this adorable photo of her husband David Beckham making dress for their daughter Harper’s doll. How cute! 

How can the Biebs forget the Jelena saga? JB posted this throwback snap of the two kissing, and Selena called it PERFECT. 

24.03.16 marked the tenth anniversary of our favourite Disney show ‘Hannah Montana’. Miley Cyrus who played the main lead in the highly popular show paid the tribute to the show and posted this photo. While she still resembles Hannah, there’s a lot of dope and smoke to it now. 

Britney Spears’ this snap resulted in some backlash. Some said that Spears has photoshopped her waist while others argued that Britney was at her best. How did Britney Spears react? Well, she just posted more (untouched) photos to prove she is really working out. 

Actress Emma Roberts got a hair makeover, and doesn’t she look amazing? Rose gold is the trend, guys. 

“Fly away my friend”. This is what Kylie Jenner captioned this photo. Is she getting rid of her lip fillers? No word yet, though she wouldn’t be that recognisable without them. 

When you are like you have nothing to wear… Lol. Kim K captioned it this way (even though she has A LOT to wear). This snap shot in her bathroom created a lot of buzz, and many celebrities jumped in to express their views. Piers Morgan offered to buy her clothes. Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz criticised the act too while some emerged as Kim’s supporters. 
These were the news making pics from the past month. Hope you liked it. Love, always. Xoxo. 


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