These pics show that Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are more than just friends

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are said to be considering marriage as the next step to their relationship. The couple has been dating since filming Alone in 2014. Though they have not yet accepted to be in a relationship in front of the media they do let their pictures do the talking on Instagram. Here’s the proof that they are more than just friends. 

They go on holidays together, click sexy photos and post them on Instagram. 


Since meeting each other on the sets of movie Alone in 2014 the couple has been inseparable. 

They celebrate their birthdays together. 

 The dusky beauty and the hunky heartthrob celebrate their birthdays with each other and their Instagram is a roaring proof. 

These pics clearly show they are more than just friends. 

They celebrate festivals together too. 

Like any other madly-in-love couple Bipasha and KSG do everything together. They posted their Diwali pics on Instagram last year. 

They look good together, don’t they? 

She promoted his movie Murder 3 on her social media. 

 Bipasha posted this photo of KSG to promote his then upcoming movie. 

Some people even say that KSG is with her only to get a foothold in Bollywood and make connections while others say Bipasha has fallen for the wrong guy and should dump him before her heart is broken. 

They go more vacations! 

 They both love going on vacations and their favourite places are beach-side locations. 


The pair celebrated his birthday in Goa in style. 

These pics prove they are more than what they say, “just friends”. Now that there are stories of them getting married in the summer they should definitely come clean. 


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