Miley Cyrus’ Evolution : From the most admired teenager to the worst role model 

Miley Cyrus is undeniably one of the most recognised celebrities in the world. Ever since she broke out in the industry with Disney’s Hannah Montana show she has been unstoppable. With several hit songs under her belt, the 23-year-old has tried her hands in Hollywood and is the most prominent face promoting equal rights for gays. This March, Hannah Montana completed its tenth anniversary and we’re looking at the evolution of the biggest name the show gave us – Miley Cyrus. 


Before landing the role of Miley Stewart hash Hannah Montana, Cyrus was a child model. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus wanted to be an actress since her early years and her mother took her to several auditions. In March 2006, Hannah Montana premiered and took no time in garnering viewership and ratings. Cyrus was only 13 at that time. In an interview back then she revealed she was a Christian and wore a purity ring growing up. 


Within no time, Cyrus was the most adored (and envied) teenager in the States. She was attending major award shows and parties. The Tennessee-born girl soon ditched her cowboy shoes and casual attire for a more polished look. At 14, she was wearing branded heels and getting her makeup and hair done by the pros. The Los Angeles lifestyle was totally  different from her childhood days in Franklin, Tennessee and Cyrus tried hard to blend in and the first step was : ‘get a boyfriend’. She dated Nick Jonas from June 2006 till December 2007. Nick’s older brother Joe Jonas later claimed that Demi Lovato and Miley introduced him to drugs. 

Later on, she also told the media that at 14 she had told her mother she was pansexual. So basically, the good girl was gone bad pretty early. 


In April 2008, several provocative images of Cyrus in her underwear and swimsuit were leaked by a hacker. The singer-actress apologised to her fans though the same month she stirred another controversy with her Vanity Fair photo shoot. Around the same time she began dating underwear model Justin Gaston. The relationship lasted an year. 



At 16 now, Miley Cyrus began transitioning into an adult with her looks and appearances. At the Academy Awards in 2009 Cyrus wore a stunning gown taking the limelight from senior stars. At the VH1 Divas event she showed up in a more adult look. 

At the Teen Choice Awards she drew criticism over her Party in the U.S.A. performance. Many viewers and parents complained of her provocative outfit and inclusion of a pole dance inappropriate for her age, then 16, and for her young fans. Her performance on Britain’s Got Talent too drew negativity. By now, one thing was clear: She was the new Britney Spears. 

In June 2009, she began shooting for the film The Last Song and fell in love with her costar Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus called him her first serious boyfriend. 


In March 2010 The Last Song released to poor reviews. In June her album Can’t Be Tamed released to favourable reviews. Cyrus’ wealth increased year by year and she was labelled the richest teenaged celebrity. 

Miley embarked on her Gypsy Heart Tour in 2011. For her stage performances she now wore sexy, risqué outfits. Her romance to newcomer Liam Hemsworth too drew widespread media attention.

In an interview in 2011, her father, Billy  Ray Cyrus, said he wished “Hannah Montana” had never happened as it destroyed his family. He also wished he had been a better parent and disciplined Miley more. 

At the height of her romance and career, the then 19-year-old became engaged to Liam Hemsworth. The pair was inseparable and were spotted together from parties to award functions to gyms and parks. The same year Cyrus cut her long brunette tresses into a shoulder length bob cut. A few months later she cut her hair into a blonde pixie-cut. Profession wise, Cyrus was relatively low-key with a few here and there roles. 

Cyrus began working on her new album and hired Britney Spears’ former manager. Cyrus left Hollywood Records and signed a deal with RCA Records. On June 3, 2013 the first single – We Can’t Stop – was released that set a Vevo record of 10 million in just 24 hours. The video has a record achieving 100 million views in only 37 days. In August, her VMA performance drew widespread attention and criticism. The singer performed We Can’t Stop in a latex underwear set and twerked on the stage. She also touched and danced against Robin Thicke suggestively. The following month it was announced that Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have ended their engagement. 

Her Wrecking Ball video too shocked the world with her appearing naked in it. At the European Music Awards the same year she smoked a joined onstage creating uproar. 

Cyrus kept her busy in 2014 with her Bangerz world tour. Dressed in provocative outfits, she charted more controversies with raunchy performances and X-rated concert shows. She declared her love for drugs in many interviews. She was also alleged to be in a relationship with model Stella Maxwell. By the end of the year, she was dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

Cyrus hosted the MTV VMA 2015 and took home criticism over her many revealing outfits. She also surprised-bombed her new album. After the conclusion of her  Bangerz tour she started working on charity causes. 

Of late, the 23-year-old is still charting tabloid gossips, drawing negative remarks, but helping social causes come to foray. Cyrus may not be a role model, but that doesn’t mean she ain’t a human too. Despite all the faults in her stars and untamed nature, Miley Cyrus works humanitarily good work. 


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