It’s been ten years since Hannah Montana premiered! Where’s the cast now? 

Around the same time in 2006, a TV show was born garnering millions of viewership and accolades. Hannah Montana  – that launched the career of Miley Cyrus – premiered on March 24, 2006. Cyrus, who was only thirteen at the start of the four seasons long show, starred in the lead role of a teenage girl Miley Stewart who lives secret life of a young recording artist Hannah Montana. It did not take long for the show to click with the audience. Soon, it was the most watched TV show and Cyrus became a teen idol. There were merchandise products marketed and sold across the globe. 

Within no time Hannah Montana had become the biggest craze in the States. And so had Miley Cyrus. On its tenth anniversary we are looking at how the actors have fared post the famous show. 



Cyrus, who became famous for portraying Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, is today planets away from her Hannah Montana days. The once squeaky-clean teen idol is now the face of controversies and barely there outfits. Since the conclusion of the Disney show in January 2011 the star has adopted a more adult and racy image. At only 19 she got engaged to her then-boyfriend (and maybe current!, as per news) actor Liam Hemsworth only to split up the next year. The same year she cut her brunette long tresses for shoulder length bob cut and a couple months later into a blonde, pixie haircut. Her image change drew major attention as she started dressing provocatively. The next year the Can’t Be Tamed singer left Hollywood Records and signed with RCA Records and hired Britney Spears’ former manager. 

Cyrus drew widespread criticism for her indecent, raunchy, and immoral MTV VMA performance. The then 20-year-old touched Robin Thicke’s crotch area with a giant foam finger and twerked against his crotch. The once looked up to young star was now the most shamed celebrity charting controversies every day. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus was now hardly ever fully dressed. She was more comfortable showing her nipples, or nipple pasties, bleached eyebrows, and tongue. 

Her concerts were no more teenage-friendly; but more of pornography shows. Cyrus fell deep into drugs, sharing her love for them on stage, interviews, and just anywhere she could. Far away from her Hannah Montana days Cyrus has, yes, managed to break free off that image; but into one that’s less appreciated, accepted, or looked upto. Cyrus has gone the good girl gone bad route similar to that of her idol Britney Spears. Despite this, she is still one of the highest-paid artists in the industry.



Osment, who played the role of Lilly Truscott/Lola, the best friend of Hannah Montana, hasn’t been that lucky in the industry. The 24-year-old has recorded some songs but her music career didn’t take off that well. In 2013 she appeared in TV series Cleaners and in 2014 she played lead role in ABC Family TV series Young & Hungry. Unlike Miley Cyrus, Emily has stirred clear of controversies and maintained a clean image. 



Remember the dwarfy Rico Suave? Post Hannah Montana he acted in the film The Kings of Summer that got rave reviews. But more than his professional life he was in the news for dating Willow Smith, the daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It was controversial as at that time he was 20 and she just 13. 


Jason Daniel Earles played the role of Jackson Stewart, the older brother of Miley Stewart. Earles was the oldest kid on the show; the actor was 13 years older than his screen role. Post Hannah Montana he had some episodic roles in TV shows. 


Musso played the role of Hannah’s friend Oliver Oken. He has also voiced Jeremy Johnson in the hit animated show Phineas and Ferb. In October 2011, Musso was arrested on DUI suspicion and later released on bail after paying $5,000. 


Miley Cyrus’ real father played her onscreen dad in this much watched show. The country singer played the role of a single father juggling a singing career and helping his daughter balance her double life. Prior to the show, Cyrus wasn’t too famous as an artist but with the show’s popularity and his daughter’s fame, his career too elevated a little bit. The father-daughter duo performed at various places and he is now still going smoothly career-wise. 

Amongst all the main cast members of the hit show, Miley Cyrus has managed to stay in the spotlight with her controversial behaviour, risqué outfits, addiction to substance use, and her highly-publicised relationships. 


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