An Instagram timeline of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ love story 

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their one-year anniversary this March and we can’t resist looking back at their public romance. Below is an Instagram timeline of their love story. 

The couple were first introduced to each other by their mutual good-friend Ellie Goulding at the 2015 BRITS Awards in late February. Ellie had known and worked with Harris on hit songs like I Need Your Love while she and Taylor had been friends for years. Ellie has even appeared in Taylor’s Bad Blood video. 

  Calvin started it all by sharing a photo of Taylor’s two cats – Meredith and Olivia, on the 29th of April and setting the world in thoughts about what was cooking between these two music legends. 

If you guys think Taylor started the swan thing, you are wrong. She isn’t the first person to start the swan thing. Her Scottish DJ-boyfriend instagrammed a video of a swan and rain on 15th May. This is the same swan the famous are sitting on in the next picture. 

   While Calvin was giving hints of their romance Taylor was silent until now. On June 11, 2015,  she made her relationship status known on Instagram with this cute swan goals photo. This was the first time Swift openly accepted her dating life after years of failed relationships. 

While Taylor revealed they are dating with a swan goal pic, Calvin did it with a video of Meredith, one of Taylor’s cats. The couple reportedly spends more time at Taylor’s Nashville apartment as it guarantees them more privacy. 

On 29 June, 2015, Taylor and Harris went on a double date with Gigi Hadid and her then-boyfriend Joe Jonas. Taylor’s supermodel friend Karlie Kloss too accompanied them. Fun fact: During her early years as a country singer Taylor dated Joe Jonas who dumped her harshly over a phone call that didn’t even last for a minute! Today, Gigi and Joe are no more together and she’s dating Zayn Malik. How time flies. 

  After a brief stint in the UK, the couple (and Taylor’s squad) returned to the U.S.A. to celebrate the Fourth of July. A day before 4th, Harris shared this photo of the Blank Space singer cooking. 

The couple celebrated the Fourth of July at Taylor’s holiday home in Rhode Island, USA, with their many friends. She posted this photo on Instagram and captioned it as, “Friendly relations between Scotland and America”. It looks more than friendly to me. 

On 4th August 2015, Taylor wished Karlie a happy birthday with this photo and naturally, the Talvin affair shaded the model. Sorry, K. 
After being social media silent for months about their affair and a series of alleged cheating scandals, Calvin Harris celebrated Christmas with the Swift family. They shared photos of themselves making a snow man. Taylor’s brother Austin too joined them in this adventure.

Like a loving boyfriend, Calvin congratulated his girlfriend on her Grammy win with this photo. 

  On March 6, 2016, the couple rang in their first anniversary. Harris gifted her this gold pendant. Did you notice something special? The date! 

The power couple then took a tropical vacation and shared some hot and smoochey pics. Look how sexy Taylor looks now! 


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