The best girl squad in Bollywood is… 

Bollywood has seen many friendships but there are only that has lasted all season. One of them is the friendship of the Kapoor sisters (Karisma & Kareena) and Arora sisters (Malaika & Amrita). The four of them have been friends for a long time. They met in the 90s when Karisma was working with Salman Khan and used to attend his parties. Malaika was a VJ at that time and dating Salman’s brother Arbaaz. Karisma and Malaika became friends and their younger sisters Kareena and Amrita. At Amrita’s church wedding the Kapoor sisters were amongst the bridesmaids. 

Check out their photos below. 

from left to right: Malaika, Karisma, Kareena & Amrita

The four of them often hang out together and can be spotted on vacations as well. 


And they party together too! 

Karisma, Kareena and Amrita at Soha Ali Khan’s wedding

Who is your favourite member of the squad? Mine: Kareena! 


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