International Women’s Day: Women are more than just women

I still remember when I was in grade seven one of my classmates asked me and my friend this question: “A girl and a boy are running a race. Who’d win?” I said it was an incomplete question but he already declared the winner was the boy. For ten minutes he didn’t tell us the reason but when he did I felt embarrassed and angry all at once. 

His answer was: “because girls have mountains and hence they can’t run much”. The mountains were the breasts. 

We were only twelve that time and I felt extremely embarrassed of being a girl. Once I was back home from school I stared at my mountains and questioned Him why he made me a girl. Girls are subjected to countless jokes, torture and identity-crisis all their lives. They are seen as objects of pleasure and the ones who get married are expected to take her husband’s generation forward and never ask anything in return. 

In my more than two decades of my life no man has inspired me the way some women have. No man has been my idol and no man has left a deep remark on me. I grew up reading biopics of great women who changed the definition of so-called women and carved a place for themselves in the man dominated world. Jane Austen fought the prejudices of the world and learnt to learn and write when education was meant only for the boys. Her books are still read and taught in colleges. 

Sushmita Sen adopted a girl when she was 24 and a struggling actress. She never married because no man was perfect and she wasn’t going to compromise. Angelina Jolie defied all odds and went from the baddest chick in town to becoming one of the most inspiring women in the world. 

Dear all men, yes we have butts and busts. We are women but more than women. You will never know what a girl goes through each day. You don’t know we go through hell five days a month and it’s damn painful. You will never feel or understand the pain a woman goes through those nine months of pregnancy and neither will you know how it feels when her body is ripped off her beauty after giving birth. 

No, you won’t. You will not understand what it feels like when she is raped nor will you ever understand the troubles we face because of our gender. Dear men (I’m still calling you dear), this International Women’s Day, it would be so nice if you pledge to be real gentlemen and be nice to all the girls and women out there not just your mother, sister and aunt. It would be so kind of you if you help us on the roads and give us lifts and drop us home safely. And it would be so much more appreciable if you see us as more than women and on the same level as you. 

This Day, pledge to be our heroes than our virginity-takers. Pledge to be a kid’s night story and someone’s inspiration and an unforgettable chapter in our lives. 


2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day: Women are more than just women

  1. Beautifully written.. True and honest.. As one of my belief says.. It’s a man’s world.. Coz the women let them believe so.. 😉


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