Review: Zayn Malik’s New Song PillowTalk 

Since his departure from One Direction, a lot has been written about Zayn Malik. His sweet bond with his band mates turned sour, he split up with his fiancée Perrie Edwards, was involved with heated Twitter arguments, and etc. After lying low for months, the 23-year-old is in news with his solo album. Malik recently released his first solo song called PillowTalk which debuted at number one spot in the United States. 

I listened to the song multiple times and also watched the video to post the review. Wanna know what I think about it? Well, keep reading! 
Around the same time last year Zayn announced he bid adieu to One Direction and his fans went berserk. After staying low for months Zayn released PillowTalk in January end. The song is far away from his One Direction music. It is not aimed at pre-teen or teenage girls; it is an attempt to enter the adult zones.  

The video is a mixture of art, love, pain and pleasure. Malik’s singing is appreciable and echoes throughout the song. Finally, he is not ‘one of the boys’ nor is he the side-kick guy overshadowed by the charming Harry Styles. 

Upon release the song debuted at the number one slot in the States. This is a huge accomplishment for him and clearly shows that people have accepted him as a solo artist. 

Below is the song. 


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