And Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio Wins His First Oscar! 

After years of wait and thousands of Oscar jokes, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar for Best Actor. The actor had previously been nominated five times. 

DiCaprio was the favourite this year and won majority of awards for his strong portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant. When Julianne Moore announced his name as the winner the entire crowd stood up and expressed their delight. After all, we had all been waiting for this day since long. 

He was first nominated in 1994, twenty-two years ago, when he was only 19. Since then the star had worked in some of the most successful films like Titanic, Inception, Romeo and Juliet, Revolutionary Road to name a few. 

DiCaprio gave a moving acceptance speech first thanking his ‘brother in this endeavour’ Tom Hardy and the entire cast and crew of The Revenant. Leo also talked about the climate change and the need to work collectively for a better world. His BFF Kate Winslet sat in the crowd teary-eyed. 

The moment is not just a big one for Leo but for all his loyal fans all over the world. 


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