I Want Leonardo DiCaprio To Win An Oscar … Will He Win? 

I was then a short-haired pre-teen nerdy little girl who had come home for vacations. My vacations used to pass by watching TV and reading books. One day while changing the channels I stumbled on this English movie featuring two youngsters on a giant ship cruise. The film was fascinating, the lead actor was handsome, the girl was relatable and I was totally glued to my small television screen. Little did I know that this movie would go on to become my favourite and would remain so even after years. 

At that time I had no clue who Leonardo DiCaprio was. I didn’t. To me he was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. He was my first major crush and I would read every article of his –  however small or big it was. I would cut his photos from the magazines and newspapers and stick them in my closet and book cabinets. 

As my Leo obsession increased, I started watching more of his films – Romeo and Juliet, Catch Me If You Can, Revolutionary Road, and basically everything. By now, I have watched nearly all of his movies and for years I have been waiting for him to win his first Oscar. 

Will he win this year? Or will he become the biggest loser? The guy has been acting for like ever each time winning the fans’ and critics’ hearts and applaudes. The Revenant has had great commercial success and won praises everywhere. He has already won a BAFTA for his portrayal of Hugh Glass and his chances are high. 

Will there be luck on his side tonight? I hope so!! Good luck Leo! 


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