What Taylor Swift should learn from the Kanye West episode


They are never ever getting back together…
History repeats itself, they say and it did. It was 2009 when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs and made himself look like a retarded person. Swift kept her cool and smartly moved on in life only to create an empire of multiple businesses and an vast army of very loving fans. 

But that moment stayed in her head and she even has a photograph of that infamous moment framed in her Nashville condo. That moment made her famous. 

For years, she didn’t have the courage to interact or even come face to face with the rapper friend of Jay Z and Beyonce. That moment left such a scar on her life that she was scared of ‘black people’ and took therapy. 

But after five long years when Kanye West apologised to her, she accepted. Why? 

  1. Because she is the good girl
  2. Because she wanted to win everyone’s love and media’s attention. 
  3. Because she wanted to show/prove how generous she is and that she has a heart of gold.
  4. Because she wanted to join the big group of Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z and others. 
  5. Because she wanted to add more A-list celebrities to her squad. 

Whatever the reasons were, her decision backfired. They became friends, he sent her a giant bouquet of flowers, she presented him the VMA last year and then he sang expletively in his new song Famous. 

Now that their friendship has soured and there’s no hope they would ever patch-up, Taylor Swift should definitely learn a few things from this episode. 

  1. You can’t be friends with everyone especially someone who takes credit for your accomplishments. 
  2. A giant bouquet of flowers doesn’t make a person a good friend or even a good person. 
  3. Never befriend Kanye West again or anyone who isn’t good to you. You cannot win everyone’s love. 

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