All the thoughts that came into my mind while watching Grammys

Watching the Grammys past week I had many thoughts revolving in my head. Here’s everything I went through: 

  1. Taylor Swift’s new haircut reminds me of……Anna Wintour!! And I didn’t like her red carpet look. 
  2. Why is Selena Gomez a side-kick? Why can’t Selena be as successful as her BFF Taylor Swift and takes her to events as her date then be a date? 
  3. What has Ellie Goulding done to her lips? Like seriously, did she get lip fillers? 
  4. How does Lady Gaga walk in such high heels?! 
  5. Kanye West and Kardashian-Jenner family didn’t attend Grammy. Was that because of Kanye West’s feud with Taylor Swift? 
  6. Taylor Swift’s vocals weren’t that good. It felt like she was screaming and trying to hard to impress people. To me she looked more like a model strutting her endless legs on the stage than a multiple times Grammy winner. And oh, she did miss a note and cried afterwards. 
  7. I didn’t like Carrie Underwood’s performance dress which was more a nighty-thing. 
  8. Sam Hunt was too hot to handle in a simple white tee and black jeans. 
  9. Selena Gomez changed her red carpet dress to a red cutout satin dress but she didn’t know how to carry it off. 
  10. Selena Gomez’ introduction of Ellie Goulding was totally flat. She could have been cheerful or playful but she was duh. 
  11. Ellie Goulding’s performance dress was better than her red carpet dress. 
  12. Chris Stapleton’s hair were longer than Taylor Swift’s. 
  13. Demi Lovato gave another proof that she can actually sing. She deserves a Grammy. 
  14. Lady Gaga paid tribute to the late David Bowie. Wasn’t that performance a little too dramatic? 
  15. Adele returned on the Grammy stage only to cry the whole night later. 
  16. Oh, did I talk about Zendaya’s hair? What was that? A horse tail? 
  17. Ed Sheeran won beating Taylor Swift and she cried tears of happiness for her friend. 
  18. Beyonce did a cameo so that we don’t forget her. 
  19. Katy Perry didn’t attend because she was enjoying her time with new beau Orlando Bloom. 
  20. And Tay-Tay dissed Kanye West. Don’t mess with her. 

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