Kanye West calls Taylor Swift a bitch, goes on Twitter rant and declares he’s under $50m debt

Kanye West, I’m gonna let you finish. But first, lemme start. 

Kanye West pulled a Kanye last week by calling his ‘friend’ and everyone’s sweetheart Taylor Swift a bitch. In his new song Famous, the rapper husband of Kim Kardashian calls Taylor Swift a bitch he made famous. He also talks about a possible sex between them. 

Swift has lashed out at him for the bad taste lyrics. Her publicist says Kanye never told Taylor the lyrics of the song but wanted her to release the song on her social media accounts.

While the Taylor Squad and her enormous army is going after Kanye West, he maintains Taylor knew the lyrics and ‘gave her blessings’. He also says Taylor came up with the bitch-thing and hence she shouldn’t create a drama over it. 

Whether his revelations are true or not, one thing is for sure, Taylor is done with Kanye West. For always. 

For all those brainstorming about what started it all, here it is: 

Ever since the infamous 2009 VMA incident while Taylor Swift went onto become the biggest music icon in America and all over, Kanye West’s career hadn’t been so flourishing. He is mostly known nowadays as the husband of Kim Kardashian and the rude celebrity. 

Last week he also revealed he is in major financial debt and has requested Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ventures. 

Kanye West, do you think Zuckerberg is out of his mind? 


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