Review: Coldplay’s new song Hymn For The Weekend 

Recently there has been a lot of things being said about British band Coldplay’s new song Hymn For The Weekend and it’s video which is shot in India. A lot of people, mostly the non-Indians, are appreciating it while many Indians have spitted their anger and disappointed and to see what the fuss was about I had to go on YouTube and watch it for myself. 

Now, I have never ever been a Coldplay fan. Never. I’ve never been into their songs and I have never had any song of them except for Paradise. But, I have never been against them too. I don’t have any hate or dislikeness towards them or their music. It’s just that I’m not and I have never been in their kind of music. 

Enough of that said, coming back to the Hymn For The Weekend, I went on Coldplay’s YouTube channel to check this song. At first, I didn’t like it much. It looked like an expansion of Slumdog Millionaire. Cinematically shot in and around the slums of Mumbai and the filth-filled places of Varanasi the video starts with the sounds of birds and temple bells. 

India is the land of temples, bells, sound and noise. Thank you for telling us that. 

We see Beyonce as Rani, a Bollywood actress. Rani in English means queen. Beyonce is queen. The media has long termed her Queen Bey and here she is with henna decorated hands and a large floral headgear and still looking nothing like an Indian or an actress for that matter. 

Queen Bey, we, Indians, have seen so many Bollywood movies but none had an actress like you. No, Coldplay or Beyonce, actresses here donot act like that. They are not dressed head to toe in henna and neither do they look like tribal women. 

But you did. 

Many non-Indians believe India is a filthy, poverty-stricken, dirty, poor country. Well, it’s not. Yes, we have slums, poor people begging on the streets and almost everywhere, orthodox views and yes, most people here still eat with their hands than knife and fork. 

The video also features Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor in a blink-and-miss affair. Kapoor, who is known for her fashion style and often struts her tall frame in out-of-the-box attires on the red carpet, is seen in the typical sense Indian women have been portrayed by the western media. 

Slum kids run around Chris Martin playing the festival of colors, Holi. Martin then heads to a theatre to watch the Beyonce movie. The so-called theatre is a slum theatre with dirt-stuck walls and old infrastructure. 

Now will somebody please tell the makers that India too has high-class cinema halls and we have popcorn and colas just like westerners!?

When Chris Martin visited India last year he went to clubs here. He saw and firsthand witnessed the new age India and it’s high class but he still chose to show the world the poverty and filth of our country. 

He could have shown the world Taj Mahal or the palaces of Rajasthan. But no. 

So yes, I did found problems with the video. BUT,but..but, after listening to it again and again I just got hooked to it. I’ve been listening to it all day long! 

The song is amazing. The rhythm and beats are ear-capturing. It’s not heavy on the ears but melodious and engaging. The song has quickly become my current favourite and is one of the most played songs of mine. 

P.S: I have nothing against the said artists. These are only my opinions and as I said at the end, I’m hooked to this song. 🙂 

And here’s the video link for the song, in case you guys wanna see and listen. 


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