How to decorate your bedroom for Valentine’s Night

By now you must have picked or thought about the right gift for your significant other  and now it’s time to think about the V-night. Decor your bedroom with these simple tips and ideas and own the night. 
Decorate the room with flowers and by flowers, I mean fresh flowers. Throw out the old ones and let the fresh ones scent the room. 

Light some scented candles in your bedroom and let them create some amazing aura around you. 

Surprise her with photos of you both in beautiful photo frames. 

You can also put a chalkboard in your room with a personal message for your partner. 

Let the hearts speak better. Dress your walls, bed and floor with hearts – heart shaped balloons, and stuff. 

Put some lovey dovey pillows on the bed for the special day. 

If you both drink then you can put your favourite wine bottle in a cutesy manner surrounded by flowers and candles. 

String lights. Light up the room with string lights. If you’re celebrating in your garden then string these lights on the trees. 


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