Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentines is here and so is the time to splurge and thin our wallets to pamper our soul mates. But what to really gift when the market is flooded with so many options? Well, worry not, friends, for I’ve all covered. Scroll below for the all the best gift options you can give to your man. 

Men like to be dressed. The best clothing to give are shirts, jackets, jeans and underwear. Tip: If your man is a working man buy him a shirt; best colour is black, white and dark blue shades. Tie works best for older guys and working men. If your man is young then a pair of jeans, underwear (oh, yes, you can be a little naughty! Better if it is customised and has your personal message or both of your faces on it. A biker jacket makes an amazing present to biker guys. 

Skip giving clothes if you do not know the right size. 

A watch is a perfect gift for any guy and you don’t even have to worry about sizes. 

No man wants to smell bad. Give him a bottle of good scent and he’d think of you all day long.

A nice pair of sunglasses can make a man more dashing and handsome. Tip: Aviators make better gifts than round framed glasses. 

Men have money and they need something to keep them in. Give him a wallet and put a photo of both of you in it. 

If he is a music lover then give him a head speaker. Now don’t choose a fancy colour. Go safe and pick a solid colour. If he is into reading or surfing the net, you can gift him an iPad. If he is into playing video games buy him an Xbox or something. 

Gift him a grooming kit like a shaving kit or an essential bath kit. 
If you know his foot size buy him a pair of sneakers or athletic shoes that he’d use every single day. 

If he is into reading buy him some books. Diaries and pen work well too. 

If he drinks, the best could be his favourite wine or a branded one that would set his mood right for the after-gift party. 
Thing to remember: Nothing beats a personalised present. Write him a heartfelt letter or draw him a card and tell him how much you love him. 


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