Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it’s high time you men use your brains and pick up the right present for her. Here are some of my suggestions: 

Nothing makes for a perfect gift than a personalised handwritten note or hand drawn card. Instead of buying a card from the store put your creativity to best use and make her a beautiful card adorned with your love for her. 

No girl hate chocolates. Gift her a beautiful box of mouth-watering chocolates. 

Teddy! Give her a teddy and oh, make it wear your shirt, and she’d cuddle you all night long. 

Beautiful girls love beautiful beauty products. If your girl loves makeup then beauty products could be the best thing for her. Tip: Don’t buy foundation, concealer or basically any face products cause it’s very difficult to pick the correct shade. Instead focus on eye and lip products. For eyes, you can buy her an eye shadow palette, mascara or eyeliner. For lips: Red colour wins! If she’s fair soft red is best and if she’s medium to dark shade buy her a maroon or wine red lip colour. 

Fragrance. Wrap a bottle of floral scent in a velvet box and gift it. Tip: Focus on the packaging of the bottle. If she is girly-girly kinda girl then gift her a cute bottle. If she’s a grown-up in her taste and style then a dark and solid color one is better. 

Or hey, you can present her with brand new watch. And if you have extra money, get it carved with your love message. 

Considering giving her a pair of sunglasses? Keep her face shape in mind. If you are having troubles picking the right one then skip this. 


 A handbag makes for a perfect good. Tip: If you’re having trouble choosing colour pick black. That goes with everything. If your girl is short, do not buy her a big bag. Instead focus on small sling bags or clutches. 

Give her a few more inches of height if she loves to wear heels. Tip: Be aware of her size. Black colour is the best if you’re struggling with shades. 

Jewelry. If you’re planning to propose to her then do it on this auspicious day. If you aren’t but want to give her any other piece of jewelry then the best suggestion is either earrings or a pendant necklace. [Tip:  If you just started dating and in the initial stage of your relationship then do not spend money on real jewelry because you never know]. 


For the music lover you can gift a head speaker in her favourite colour. For the one obsessed with clicking pictures an instant camera works great and for the girl who’s always working on the laptop a new laptop or an iPad is the best suggestion. 

If she is a reader give her a book. Tip: Since its Valentine’s Day, romantic genre is the best. Explore from the collections of Nicholas Sparks. 


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