Try these trends before the Winter is gone 

Now that winters is in its end tail and the market is starting to fill in with the vibrant summer clothes, it’s time for us to try the last bit of winter fashion. Here’s all you should be wearing and making most of the cold season: 
Cropped Sweaters/Jumpers/Sweatshirts 


Yes, cropped outerwears were in trend this winter. There’s plenty of colourful, textured and patterned cropped sweaters, cardigans and jackets available in the market. Team a cropped outerwear on a high-waist pair of jeans and you’re ready to make other girls envy. 
Turtleneck Sweaters

If it’s still chill-cold in your state you can wear a turtleneck sweater. They look amazing as well. 
Socks or Tights


‘Know socks aren’t visible most of the times but you still can fancy your feet in nice pair of socks. Plus, you can pick knee-length or thigh-length socks from your local garment wear store. They’re very much in trend! 


Scarves aren’t an understated piece today. Brands like Burberry are changing the dynamics of it. Buy yourself some woollen scarves and wear them in various styles all this month. 


Boots are my favourite winter thing. If you haven’t invested in a good pair of boots yet, do it now! They last forever and add glamour and style to an otherwise dull look. 


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