The Haircut Every A-list Hollywood Lady Is Getting – the BOB! 

Haircuts have never been such a trend and huge topic until the past couple of years. Every time a celebrity gets their hair cut or colored or even trimmed it becomes a big gossip. This time around (of the year) when the winter and the many layers of clothes are going to go off the season and our wardrobe I know a lot of you are considering to get light – in terms of hair! 

And what better season to don a bobcut – the haircut every hollywood lady is trying. But first, what really is a bobcut? A bobcut or bob is a short haircut for women in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level and is often accompanied by a fringe. 

It’s been in existence since early 1900s but became famous lately with more and more well-known models, actresses and performers trying it. 

Here’s a gallery of some of the Hollywood ladies and their equally famous bobs. 


Julianne Hough, better known for participating in Dancing With The Stars and movie Safe Haven, cut her hair short and into a bob in 2015 and nailed it. The bob suits her. 


Twilight actress Kristen Stewart chopped her dark brunette tresses and instead wore a small bobcut with great confidence. 


Better known as Hermione Granger of the magical world, Emma Watson went the pixie way in 2010 and cut the grown-hair a few weeks ago. This time Emma went for a bob and she looks perfect as always. 


How about Emma Stone? Seen in the picture Stone’s bob hair is side-parted and straight combed. 


Jennifer Lawrence has been riding on high success since her entry into the movie world. The constant hair styling and dying proved bad for her hair and she cut them short. Jen is now rocking a bob. 


Before a bob, Taylor Swift was a kid. Thanks to a sassy haircut Swift has managed to shake the world with her music and create an empire for herself. 

These were some of the many celebrities going the bob way and girls, you can try it too. It looks super fun and also manageable. 



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