Priyanka Chopra is breaking all stereotypes and making the world fall in love with Indian women

She’s fiery, witty, candid, famous, rich and now an international icon thanks to TV show Quantico. Priyanka Chopra, who became Miss World at age 18 and began acting at 21, is suddenly the centre of attention (and attraction) in the global cinema. Chopra has made her foray into Hollywood with ABC drama-thriller TV show Quantico playing Alex Parrish, a FBI recruit. Alex is the central character in the show and Chopra  is the first Indian born person to play the lead in an American sitcom. Sure, the Americans have seen brown-skinned Arun Nayyar, Frieda Pinto, Dev Patel and others but in a lead role? Never. 

Miss Chopra isn’t just gracing the global TV screens but also making the world fall in love with Indian women. India has long been known as the land of Taj Mahal, Mughal monuments, Bollywood and spicy cuisine. But the former Miss World is changing the mindset with a full fledged role and numerous promotional appearances here and there. She’s speaking in their accent and is candid in answering questions thrown at her. She’s been on some of the biggest chat shows in the US and has graced the Times Square with Quantico poster. 

Priyanka has over 11 million fans on Twitter and more than 3 million on Instagram. She regularly updates her fans with her day to day routines. She posts pics of herself hanging out with her friends or pics from Bollywood events and parties as well as holiday pics with her family. Chopra is also not shy to tell us she’s sunbathing or wearing an awesome neon bikini. She’s friends with fellow stars like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan and his family, Madhuri Dixit, Ranveer Singh amongst others. She’s a well-read soul too, often sharing quotes on social media. 

Thankfully, to the world, this former Miss World doesn’t come across as a typical Indian woman that we are often described as. For long we’ve been described as dutiful, obedient, less career driven or often with no career drive, a housewife type female and what not. But thanks to Chopra people overseas are taking notice of the Indian talent. 

Priyanka recently won a People’s Choice Award beating the likes of Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis among others. With this she has become the first Indian to win a PCA. Taking a cue from her, another A-list actress Deepika Padukone is considering Hollywood projects and has bagged a film opposite Vin Diesel in the upcoming sequel of XXX. 

These two actresses have broken several stereotypes and are now making the world fall in love with themselves and Indian women. They are indeed an inspiration to all that we can achieve great heights with talent and hardwork. 


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