Clay Masking and its benefits


Clay masks have been used since ancient times and even today they’re in trend. Clay masks withdraw excess oil, dirt and pollutant from the skin and makes it more radiant and glowing. They’re also natural cleanser and exfoliator. 

There are different types of clay masks available in the market and it often becomes confusing which one we should buy. Down are the various types of clay masks and their benefits. 

Kaolin Masks: 

Kaolin masks are available in different colours such as white, red, yellow and pink. White kaolin is good at balancing the skin’s sebum activity and is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Pink kaolin is best suited to combination and oily skin. So is the red clay which is for the oily skin and helps keep acne at bay. 

Fuller’s Earth:

Popularly known as ‘multani mitti’ in Hindi, it is rich in minerals and is super absorbing. This could be used by all skin types. It absorbs the oil from the skin and also boosts circulation. Mix some water or rose water in it and apply the paste on your face or body. 

Volcanic clay: 

This is made with volcanic matter, decomposed plant substances and minerals. Volcanic clay cleanses the skin well and is best for oily and combination skins. 

Bentonite Clay: 

Bentonite clay is good at removing excessive sebum from the skin. It has acne-clearing properties and is beneficial for the ones suffering from acne. 

Rhassoul Clay: 

Rich in minerals, this clay could be used on both skin and hair. It gently removes impurities, blackheads and oil from the skin. 


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