Winter Skincare Essentials: All the products you need this winter 

How can skin dryness not be there when it’s winter? Our skin need a lot more care and hydration in winters as the cold weather dry skin too often. I’ve rounded up thirteen products that are highly essential this season. 



  1. Micellar Water – Winter makes us super lazy and tired. Removing makeup from the face is a task and the Garnier Micellar Water works great. If you want other brand, go for Bioderma which is highly-raved. 
  2. Foot Cream. 
  3. An alcohol-free toner. Alcohol based toners leave skin dried and stretched. Choose a herbal toner. 
  4. Eye cream/gel. 
  5. We all want our body to be moisturised all day long, right? Use a body butter and use it all this season. 
  6. Sunscreen. Sunscreens are needed all year long. 
  7. Cleansing wipes for those lazy night routines. 
  8. A fruity body cleanser. 
  9. Dry shampoo. 
  10. Exfoliating scrub. 
  11. Lip balm because your lips need hydration too. 
  12. Hand cream. 
  13. A hydrating mask. Our skin wears off faster in winters. A hydrating mask adds moisture back in the skin. 

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