Golden Globes 2016: Worst Dressed 

While many celebrities put their best fashion forward at the recently held Golden Globes some were a little unlucky. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal belongs to a Hollywood family and has herself being in the business for years but the 38-year-old still gets it wrong on the red carpet and even Marc Jacobs couldn’t save her. 


Maggie Gyllenhaal
Rachel McAdams has a great personality and a greater body to show. But the Southpaw actress looked like she was at a garden party than a Hollywood award night. 


Rachel McAdams
Rooney Mara had everything to shine but failed terribly. The actress showed no expression to the cameras and the pictures were totally unflattering. The ruffled Alexander McQueen dress did nothing for her. 


Rooney Mara
Heidi Klum is a fashion-forward star but unfortunately she failed this time around. 


Heidi Klum
Alicia Vikander wore a Louis Vuitton dress but it looked like she was wearing an apron! Sorry!!  


Alicia Vikander
Eva Longoria was wearing an outfit from Georges Hobeika but it looked more apt for a tea party. 


Eva Longoria
Okay, so, the dress isn’t that bad but it doesn’t look nice on Guiliana Rancic because of her stick-thin figure. 


Guiliana Rancic
Of course there were many others who were not greatly-dressed but I picked up those who had high expectations. 


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