Put your best boot forward with these tips

It’s the time of the year to flaunt our boots and winter style. But do boots suit everyone? Are there any tips to buy the right pair for yourself? Well, yes. I’ve compiled a research on the types of boots best suited for you. 

If you’re blessed with a tall height you can pick up just any kind of boots. Ankle-length, knee-length, above-knee, just anything. 


For medium height girls, ankle-length to mid-length boots work best. If you are thinking of buying a long length pair buy one that falls below the knee, atleast a few inches below it. 


 If you’re short and cute (like me!),  buy one that is ankle length or a few inches over the ankles. Don’t buy long boots as they would make you look more short. Wear a pair that would show your legs and better if it has heels. 



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