Here’s how to take care of your skin in winters 

When winter comes it doesn’t just bring with it our habit of consuming tea and coffee more but also dry, scaly and chapped skin. Today I’m gonna tell you how you can and should take care of your skin in this cold season. 

First thing first, use the right type of cleanser/face wash that would not just cater to your skin needs but is also gentle on your skin. Invest in a soap-free cleanser. Soap-cleansers could be drying for your skin and leave it dehydrated. You can try the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser. 

Exfoliate your skin regularly. Use a gentle, less granuled scrub. You can buy a herbal based exfoliator which is made of natural ingredients and has a normal pH level. 

Winter demands hydration. Use a creamy body lotion and apply it within five minutes of taking a shower. When you do this the lotion lasts longer. If your a dry skin you should better use an oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Oils leave your skin hydrated for hours. 

You can also use oil on your face if it’s too dry and flaky. Or, if you’re wary of using oil on your face you can trust Vaseline. Just take a little bit of it and massage it onto your face and voila! Your skin is not just moisturised but is also glowing. 

Never skip a sunscreen. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the sun rays are less harmful. Use a spf of atleast 30 and reapply it after every four hours. Invest in a good brand like Neutrogena, Vichy or La Roche-Posay. 

For chapped lips, use a lipbalm. You can buy one from the house of Maybelline or The Body Shop. 

Winter doesn’t just leave your face dry but also your hands and feet. Invest in a good hand cream and a foot cream. If you’re tight on budget instead buy a big jar of Vaseline and use it on your hands, feet, lips and body. Soak in your feet in warm water filled with your favourite foot soak gel and scrub the dead skin away with a foot filer. Do it atleast once every ten days. 

While taking a bath, skip the usual soaps and instead use one that’s made of hydrating ingredients like aloe, shea butter, or the ones from herbal brands. Or buy a body cleanser.

Oil your hair regularly and don’t wash your hair with too hot water. You can apply a leave-in-hair-moisturiser to keep it nourished. 

One more tip: Do not use alcohol based products as they tend to make your skin dry and stretched after use. 


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