Birthday Special: Our top Taylor Swift songs! 

The thirteenth of December might well be past now but we are sure Taylor Swift is still celebrating turning an year older.  

At just 26, the young icon is the most followed person on Instagram, has won seven Grammy Awards, mastered the business skills to sell her albums and brands, and amassed for herself a planet of die-hard fans all across the globe. 

She has given young girls across the globe a reason to celebrate their breakups and bad relationships. She has given the world a new term and trend – #SquadGoals. On the occasion of her very big day, we are listing down our favourite Taylor Swift songs. 

1. You Belong With Me

2. Love Story 

3. Mean

4. I Knew You Were Trouble 

5. 22

6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 

7. Red

8. All Too Well 

9. Bad Blood 

10. Style 

11. Blank Space 

12. Wildest Dreams 


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