Gift Ideas: For the Taylor Swift fan

Taylor Swift might still be receiving her birthday presents but for us, it’s the time to gift. 

If your friend is a Taylor Swift fan (just like me), these might be the ultimate holiday gifts for them. 


  1.  A 1989 t-shirt! 
  2. T.S also sells tote bags on her official site. If your friend(s) carry a lot of products in her carry bag or visits a farmer’s market each Sunday, this might come in handy. 
  3. Gift your friend these Taylor Swift friendship bands. Black colour is also available. 
  4. And how about a perfume by the American sweetheart? 
  5. And oh, if your friend love being in the kitchen just like her idol, you gotta give her an apron! 
  6. Everyone use a phone, right? Go for a Taylor Swift phone case. 
  7. Or any of her albums? They are all great! 
  8. And since it’s winter, shoes are obviously a necessity. Taylor endorses Keds. Surprise your friend or cousin with a pair of sneakers from the brand. 

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