Gift ideas: For the girl on the go!! 

Is your girl always on the go? 

If your girlfriend is a work-woman and you’re looking for a perfect gift for her, then these are some of the best ideas. 


1.  Gift her a laptop bag in her favourite colour. She is going to remember you even when she is super busy researching for office projects. 

2. Surprise her with a backpack or a handbag. And if you’re confused about what colour to pick, choose one in black. That goes with everything. 

3. Tumbler. Yes, a tumbler. Pour her coffee, or juice in it and voila! 

4. What does a working person need the most? A wrist watch. Buy her a watch and she will wear it everyday and think only about you. So go, own her time. 

5. Candles. Bring her some candles and light them when she’s home after a busy day. She is going to feel so relaxed, refreshed and loved all at the same time. 


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