Hollywood’s best on-screen couples

Each year gives us several movies and many onscreen couples. We forget about some, don’t miss them at all … but some pairings stay with us forever. Don’t know if it’s their movie together or what but some pairings make us kinda wish they were together in real life. 

Here’s my favourite onscreen couples: 

  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

Leo and Kate stole everyone’s hearts with the 1997 released Titanic. The talented duo has been close friends since the making of Titanic and Leo has supported her during her troubled marriages. Leo was also the one who walked her down the isle for her third marriage to Ned Rocknroll in 2012.  

They reunited again for Revolutionary Road in 2008 as a troubled husband-wife pair. 

  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Brangelina – as they have been monikered by the media – fell in love shooting for the 2005-released Mr & Mrs Smith. Their chemistry was so evident that the media labelled them as ‘actors who fell in love shooting for a film’. Subsequently Brad Pitt divorced his wife Jennifer Aniston and moved in with Angie. The couple is one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment and recently were seen in By The Sea.

    • Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

    Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams starred in the romantic film The Notebook. The film released in 2005 and is cited as one of the best romantic films of the generation. They had an offscreen affair for a few years and when they broke up, the fans were obviously not happy. Fans are still hoping Ryan would somehow break up with his current longtime partner and mother of his daughter Esmeralda and somehow reunite with Rachel. We can only imagine!

    • Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

    They have worked in critically-acclaimed films like Silver Linings, American Hustle, Selma. The onscreen couple are good friends and are seldom seen sharing candid moments in front of the cameras. 

    • Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

    These two famous scorpions first film together was the 2011 romantic-comedy-drama Crazy, Stupid, Love. They then collaborated on Gangster Squad (2013) and would be seen in La La Land in 2016.  

    • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

     Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens gained international recognition acting as Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez in the Disney Channel original movie franchise High School Musical. The couple began dating while shooting the first film in 2005 and split up in December 2010. They haven’t collaborated onscreen since then.

    • Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway

    Jake and Anne first appeared as husband and wife in the critical acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain (2005) and later in Love and Other Drugs (2010). Their chemistry is evident from their candid interviews.  

    • Antonio Benderas and Angelina Jolie


    Angelina Jolie worked alongside Antonio Benderas in the 2001 released film Original Sin. Though the film was poorly received by critics and audiences alike it did generate a fair amount of enthusiasm and craze owing to several intimate scenes in it. Reports in the media alleged that Antonio Benderas was cheating on his wife actress Melanie Griffith with Jolie though they declined the reports. 

    • Daniel Radcliffe – Emma Watson – Rupert Grint


    The trio became famous working on the Harry Potter franchise as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasely. After the end of the franchise the trio had been pursuing their individual careers and haven’t shared screen since then, though we’d love to see them together! 

    • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart


    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart worked together in the Twilight franchise which earned them global media attention. The actors dated for almost five years before breaking up in 2012 and haven’t been seen since then. 


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