How Gigi Hadid moved on from Joe Jonas to Zayn Malik in less than two weeks! 

The Taylor Swift Squad is always in the news and so is their romantic lives. While T-Swizzle is busy with the last segment of her 1989 world tour her A-list friends are battling their own turmoils. 20-year-old Victoria’s Secret model and the daughter of actress Yolanda Foster, Gigi Hadid is the center of tabloids for her breakup and another ‘new makeup’. 


Gigi with Joe Jonas
Gigi, who was until recently dating Joe Jonas, split up with him three weeks ago and is now publicly dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Her personal life has drawn extreme criticism and people are complaining how she soon she went from one guy to another in such less time. 

This is not the first time her love life has been drawn attention. The Kendall Jenner friend earlier dated Australian singer Cody Simpson for over two years. The much-in-love rang in the 2015 together in Dubai with friends like Selena Gomez. The pair broke up in early this year. Around the same time Gigi became an exclusive member of the Taylor Swift squad that already included singers Selena Gomez and Lorde, and Victoria’s Secret models like Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldrige. 

With so many successful young women in a friend circle there are bound to be competition in terms of their professional and personal lives. Whether they say it or not, whether they show it or not, internally they are going to compete who earns more, who has more Instagram followers, who has more paparazzi following them, and whose boyfriend is more rich, wealthy and famous. Selena Gomez has Justin Bieber around her neck and Taylor has Calvin Harris by her side. 

Gigi Hadid first dated Cody Simpson and later split with him. In the summer of this year she began dating Joe Jonas, the baddest Jonas brother who dumped her friend Taylor Swift by a phone call that lasted less than 30 seconds. The G.I.Joe couple, as they were known, went on double dates with Taylor and Calvin and were seen publicly declaring their love. But their odd relationship didn’t last long and they split early November. While Joe Jonas spent time unfollowing his ex and erasing the memories, Gigi went hopping another guy – this time a much bigger name – the Zayn Malik. 


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
In the past few months Gigi’s career has achieved new heights. She has now become a Victoria’s Secret model and for a successful model and as a member of the biggest friend circle, Joe Jonas is no match. He is the average guy and the Gigi and Joe were just no match. 

Zayn Malik has himself been in the news all this year. First, for leaving One Direction, and then for dumping his fiancée Perrie Edwards by a text message. Zayn might still not be a match for the model but he certainly is famous and by famous we mean world famous. He might be seen as a dork and nerd to Gigi’s friends but he’s richer and more famous than some of the girls’ partners and this is probably what Gigi is loving right now. She’s feeling superior than other girls that she’s dating Zayn and even if the media and everyone’s response isn’t too nice to her love life she is certainly enjoying it. 

But isn’t it soon? Just a few days between a breakup and a new relationship? Is it good morale? Maybe not when it comes to supermodels and attention seekers. 


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