I’m done loving One Direction and here’s why…

I’m done loving those skinny pair of legs singing teeny songs and talking candidly in the interviews. My craze for those boys has mellowed down and I’m no more interested in their dimples and smiles, long hair and dyed hair, skinny jeans and bare chests. I’m not listening to them anymore; I’m totally over them. 

What Makes You Beautiful was their first song that came out in 2011 and since then I had been listening to their songs, watching their YouTube videos and reading their magazine articles. 

One Direction – that is what I’m talking about today. The five boys – Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik – auditioned solo on the 2010 X Factor UK but were put together in a group and later went onto become the biggest boyband in the world. 

I loved their initial songs – What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Steal My Heart amongst others. I loved Story Of My Life from their third album and since then my addiction of 1D started to fade. 

That was late 2013. From 2014 onwards their songs didn’t impress me. They seemed so repetitive. Harry Styles has broken up with Taylor Swift and Swift has blamed him for mistreatment. He had dated cougars in the past and had a womanising nature. I was totally over him. He just didn’t appeal to me!!! 

Liam was dating Sophia Smith, Louis was dating Eleanor Calder, Zayn was engaged to Perrie Edwards and they weren’t my types. I wasn’t interested in what they did, what their favourite things were, what perfume they used, etc. 

I liked Niall. He was the decent guy you’d take home to your parents and get married to. But music wise he was just an add on. He wasn’t showing his best, we didn’t see him sing high notes or make a song his own. 

And in 2014 I began listening more to other boybands – Backstreet Boys, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, One Republic – and they sounded more…musically great. I would have loved 1D to mature up and sing grown up songs. But they are still stuck on the same beats and rhythm. 

My idea of ‘man’ has also evolved. I’m over loving those teen-looking immature guys. Maybe it’s because of age or a changed nature. I’m falling more for the Gyllenhaals, Evans and Coopers.

In March this year Zayn Malik left the band because he couldn’t relate to their music anymore. Their new songs, Drag Me Down & Perfect, are sounding same like their previous ones. 

One Direction’s fan following comprises of mainly girls, preteens, teens, and young adults. I’ve been their fan for more than three years and now I’m over it. 

The lads look way too tired giving live performances or at the shows. They look like sucked-up robots tired of following instructions and commands. They have been acting like puppets. 

The four 1D members have revealed they are taking time off early next year and I really think it’s the right time for them to figure out themselves, their lives, their real talent. Hopefully they’d come back with better music and with a bang!


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