Out of fear and death…

I’m scared. I’m afraid. I fear death. 

I’m worried for the safety of my loved ones. I don’t want to loose any of them. 

My heart is aching and bursting aloud, and I want to escape this world of blood, torture and killing. I want to take away all my family and pals, and run to a world filled with rainbows and colours and happiness. 

I’m torn apart here. Each day there’s a new story of terror – terror of molestation, abuse, hatred, death, discrimination. Each day women, young girls, and little girls as young as four or five are physically abused; each day there’s a story of an elderly couple being robbed and murdered. 

The police is doing its job but safety is still not guaranteed. We’ve chosen our ministers but we are still not happy, safe, and sound. 

The men of the armed forces are risking their lives on the borders but there are still ceasefires from our evil enemy. There’s still fear in my heart that one day those green men would take over our country and torture and kill us heartlessly.

One of my favourite nations – Paris – was bombarded by the men of inhumanity in the name of religion. When they were planning their game I was still soaked in the Diwali atmosphere. When they executed their plan I was laughing with my friends – shopping, watching a movie, ice skating, driving ’round the city roads. 

My veins and arteries are no more filled with happiness, love, or life – they are filled with sadness, prayers, and chill. My blood has frozen and tears are running in my body instead. 

I am ripped by the chilling experiences of the survivors of the Paris attacks. I’m grieving for them even though I know none of them personally. 

I’m scared I or people I love and care for would be shot or blooded for no reason. Our dreams would be shattered for celebrating live, being happy. 

I’m feeling hatred towards the people engaged in terror activities, hate speeches and discriminative mindsets. I’m scared of Muslims, I really am. I know they aren’t all the same but …. I’m still afraid. 

I’m terrified that india wouldn’t be able to tackle the terror attacks. We have witnessed attacks on Mumbai, Delhi and other places. Thousands of people had died and there are still alerts after years. There are constant ceasefires from Pakistan. It’s known to house terrorists and is in no mood to mend ways with India. 

Terrorism is attacking humanity across the world. Several major countries are on the target of the ISIS. Reason? 

Because they want to instill their fear in us; they want us to give up to them. They want us to turn to their religion and hate people of other countries speaking different languages and following other religions. 

Would you do that? 

Out of fear? 

DON’T. Don’t kill the humanity in you. Don’t burn the love in your heart. Don’t let them win. Don’t let the fear conquer you. 

Stay united, stay celebrated and show them we won’t let them win. Love wins. love stays forever.


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