Charlie Sheen confirms he is HIV-positive!

For the past one week various tabloids had circulated the news that a major Hollywood A-list actor was suffering from AIDS. Though none of the tabloids named the actor and just gave hints, there were obviously a lot of actors guessed. 

And now, after staying silent for over a week, the well-kept secret is out. Actor Charlie Sheen has confirmed on the Today show that he is indeed the one. The 50-year-old was diagnosed in 2011 and since then has been trying to keep the news under the wrap. 

The actor has been paying money to people to keep their mouths shut and so far he has paid over $10 million. 

There has also been claims that his several sexual partners didn’t know about his condition and were kept in dark. Some are trying to sue him for risking their healths though the actor asserts that he had told each of them and took precautions. 

The former Two & A Half Men actor had had a colourful life. He had been married thrice. He had dated porn stars who he had labelled his ‘goddesses’. The actor is also famous for one-night stands and flirty nature. 

Meanwhile Sheen has revealed he wants to go away from the States and move to a quieter place. 



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