What meeting your friend’s friends teach you….


They say your friends are your friends and your friends’ friends are their friends for a reason. It’s true and I learnt it. Meeting my friend’s friends brought out a lot of anxiety and awkwardness in me and made me feel a lot of questions, thoughts and self-consciousness too. Here’s what went through my head and heart today:

  1. Being with someone else’s friends is DIFFERENT than being with your friends. You can crack dumb jokes with your pals, call them horrendous names and still get a laugh in response, tease them on their new haircut or dress sense. But doing the same with another person’s friends – even if that another person is your good friend – is uncomfortable. 
  2. There are times you want to say something but keep your mouth SHUT because you are the outside person. 
  3. You don’t care how you’re looking, what dress you’re wearing, how well your hair is looking, or if your flaws are visible but you do it when you are sitting with your close friend’s friends!!! 
  4. You suddenly want to be things you aren’t – tall, fair, beautiful, flawless, spotless – the kind of girl every guy falls for. 
  5. And of course there are times you don’t want to be with them (even if they’re being the best to you). You somehow want your friends would come up there – magically or incidentally – and you’d hang out with them without feeling an uncomfortable outsider. 

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