The real reasons Ranbir Kapoor’s parents are still unacceptable of his girlfriend Katrina Kaif

Actor Ranbir Kapoor has been in a serious relationship with actress Katrina Kaif since year 2009 and there has been impending news of their engagement and marriage for years. Only if his parents approve of their relationship. 

There has been constant speculations of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s disapproval of their son Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif and this is cited as one of the reasons Ranbir had moved out of his parents’ house and living-in with Katrina in an apartment. The Kapoor parents are obviously not happy with this and are often seen sharing their displeasure while giving interviews. 

The latest news is that Rishi Kapoor sidelined Katrina at a recent party. 

But why hasn’t Ranbir’s parents not been able to accept Katrina Kaif? We have some theories. 

Firstly, Kaif is a British citizen and henceforth a firang. Maybe his parents don’t want a firangi daughter-in-law. Katrina can’t speak Hindi and communicate with his family and relatives fluently. 

Second reason could be Katrina’s first movie – BOOM – in which she boomed her ample assets in Gulshan Grover’s face. The scene is still viral on the net and Kat is often labelled as a sex symbol. Kat also shows her skin and flesh onscreen and do intimate scenes with her costars while the Kapoor parents are quite traditional and would want their ghar ki Bahu to be covered. 

There’s also a tradition in the Kapoor family that their girls don’t act in films. Neetu Singh quit Bollywood after marrying Rishi Kapoor. Their daughter Riddhima chose fashion designing instead of acting. 

Ranbir’s parents would want their daughter-in-law to quit Bollywood but Katrina, who supports her big family of seven siblings and her mother, wants to continue working. 

Another reason might be Katrina’s relationship with Salman Khan. She dated him for nearly six years and still gets asked   about him. Her affair with Ranbir caused a rift between the Kapoors and Salman Khan though Salman has forgiven her and she is still a part of their family functions. 

These are some of our theories though the actual situation is still unknown. We hope Ranbir’s parents accept Katrina and give them their blessings. 


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