Dear Robert Pattinson, you deserve more than a twig and a nose pin

Hell broke over the twilight-loving world when their beloved Bella (read: Kristen Stewart) was caught cheating on her Edward Cullen (read: Robert Pattinson) with director Rupert Sanders in 2012. This news broke Pattinson’s heart in several pieces as well as the fans of Bella-Edward love story. 

“Kristen’s a cheater!”, “Robert Pattinson shouldn’t take back Kristen Stewart” were some of the major headlines then. The couple had a public breakup and since then both the parties have tried to keep their personal lives extremely private. While Stewart does come in news because of her films, Robert has had fewer public appearances. 

The only reason he is in the news nowadays is because of his current girlfriend and alleged fiancée FKA Twigs. Yes, that’s the name! She is his first serious girlfriend since his split from Kristen Stewart and his fans and certain section of the media haven’t been too kind to this. Twigs has been the subject of cyber bullying, hate messages, threat calls and ugly names ever since she was first seen with the actor. 

Twigs who was relatively unheard of until last year has been having a graphic change in her career now. She’s playing at various venues, attending various events and appearing on magazine covers. She is hopping and dancing around the stages in sleazy clothes that’s unacceptable to the traditional Pattinson family. 

Kristen might have cheated on him, which she admitted was nothing more than hugs and kisses, always kept her cheeky flesh to herself and not endorse it out unnecessarily. Nor did she try to outdo everyone on the streets by wearing sheer blouses, nose pin and  two very-awkward front teeth. YES, K-Stew was a decent normal girl. She still is unlike this girl with an alien name. 

Pattinson is a good-looking, handsome man and for a Hollywood actor who has been the lead character of a highly successful film franchise he could get any other girl, of course only if she’s interested too. But a twig??? Like seriously!? 

Yes, okay, I don’t know her personally. Maybe she’s good nature-wise. But STILLLLL. Rob, at least have someone who would complement you and not someone who’d make us all laugh at your decision. At least have someone who’s real and not fame-sucker. Someone who’s not flashing her nose pins and an open mouth with two rabbit teeth. Find someone with a better name and better fashion sense. C’mon, You deserve more than a fucking twig. And a nose pin. 


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