Happy Birthday to me and happy birthday to Katy Perry

Its my birthday, we gonna party like its my birthday. 

After 365 long, long, long days October the 25 is here to make me an year more older and hopefully a little more wiser, and responsible. 

It’s the day to gorge on a tasty cake, open gifts, dance and sing, watch movies, and basically do all I wanna do. 

25th October isn’t just my milestone day but a lot of celebrities cut cakes on this day too. Like American artist Katy Perry, Ciara, and obviously others I’m not aware of. Out of all these, my absolute fav is Katy Perry. 


She’s turning a big 30+1. Her artistry is gonna (maybe!) mature up from roaring about ‘one of the boys’, and those ‘teenage dreams’. Her magical revolving wheel-y bras, and pineapple dresses are (again maybe!) going to make way for long gowns, and glittery pants, and killer bralet tops (has Katy Perry ever wore pants on the red carpet?!). She should let those sexy curves speak! 

Maybe KP would use her brains more, and move away from the baddest boyfriend material John Mayer. [Dump that asshole!!!]. 

How if she hooks up with Jake Gyllenhaal? (If not me, another Scorpio). Wouldn’t they make a lovely couple? 

The reason I love her is not because she wears girly dresses, or still hangs out with sharks, but because she is “I-own-myself” type of woman. It’s difficult to find women nowadays who are themselves, and have full command on their lives. It’s not easy to find women who are fighting their families to pursue their dreams. Or break a relationship because you don’t want babies. 

Perry, born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, to Pentecostal pastors Maurice, and Mary, sang in church from the age of nine till seventeen. She then pursued a career in gospel music but that didn’t take off. After several tries, and being dumped from labels after labels, Katy became a household gossip name in 2008 when I Kissed A Girl, & Ur So Gay released. The songs were too controversial for conservative society. Her conservative parents too were against her, and termed her a devil. 

But you only have one life, and Katy understood it. 

She owned her time, and became the newest pop icon of the era despite the continuous pressures, and bitchings of the religious communities. It’s inspiring, isn’t it? To go against everything, and everyone for a dream you’ve lived every day, and night? 

At the peak of her professional life she married British comedian Russell Brand only to separate an year later. The reason for the divorce was cited as Katy’s decision to not have babies then. Katy was adamant on giving her career more priority than building a family. Isn’t it great to see a woman owning her body, and deciding when she wants to have a baby? Or what about women who want no baby at all, like Cameron Diaz, and Oprah Winfrey? Why suffer nine months of back pain, vomiting, mood swings, and all other types of sicknesses when you can just adopt a kid who badly needs a home, and family? Shouldn’t marriage, and pregnancy be a statement of choice, and not a pure rituality? 

Katy Perry, my birthday twin, and my fellow Scorpio, has all throughout her life being a true Scorpio – rebellious, tomboy, loud-mouth at times, girly at times, fun at times, sarcastic and a little mean at times, always a BFF to her loved ones, and an owner of her own self, her own flesh and bones. She decides who she wants to love, when she wants to marry or not marry at all, when age to have babies, or simply adopt a baby, and spare herself enough pain. 

I love her. I love that woman. I love she’s my birthday twin. I love there’s a badass Scorpio to follow. I love she’s the body-Lord of her flesh. She’s a real role model, a real woman living her life on her terms, and conditions. She’s Katy, Katy Perry.


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