Harry Styles takes the perfect revenge by writing a song about Taylor Swift 

For years Taylor Swift has enjoyed writing about boys and men and made an Taylor-empire over it. But this find one of her famous exes is hitting back at her with a perfect song. British boyband One Direction’s Harry Styles who Swift briefly dated from late 2012 till January 2013 is finally speaking about her through his new song – Perfect

Since the end of their romance the American artist has often taken jabs at the band member criticising him of not being good to her or having stray eyes and at times calling him a trouble. Her recent singles from her album 1989 – Style, Blank Space, Out of the Woods are aimed at him and after staying mum for years and being a really nice gentleman for not criticising or bad-bitching about a girl, he has finally given us an insight about their late fling. 

Harry along with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan sings the very meaningful lyrics. ” I might not be your knight in shining armour, I might never be the one you take home to mother, and I might never be the one who brings you flowers…”

“If you like cameras flashing every time we go out, and if you’re looking for someone to write breakup songs about, Baby I’m perfect”. 

That’s the proof this song is about Taylor Swift because who else is famous for writing nasty breakup songs? S-H-E!!!! 

She has used every little opportunity to tarnish the images of her exes and skyrocket her career through her unlucky love life. She has used the guys in her life as puppets for her career. Her debut album was about her high school dating life, Fearless was about boys too, Speak Now was about revenge against Kanye West, mean journalists, her celebrity exes – actor Taylor Lautner and musicians John Mayer and Joe Jonas. Her fourth album ‘Red’ was all about actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Kennedy heir Connor Kennedy and a little bit about Harry Styles and with 1989 Swift has taken more jabs at Styles. But this time, thankfully, he’s not sitting quiet and we are proud and happy he did it. You can’t be quiet always. 

And every person who dates her must know this and not be so gentlemanly! Cause Swift uses her man’s sweetness and good upbringing to her best and tarnish their reputation to prove gain sympathy from fans and all and to boost her own career and make more millions. 

She has a reputation of falling for everyone. The only prerequisite is you need to be famous and well-known and rich because she loves to be showered with gifts. Swift doesn’t bother if her parents like the new man in her life or not (because eventually she’s only dating them for her songs’ inspirations), she doesn’t care if the new man is older or younger to her, or if he is a labelled womaniser and flirt. She dated Joe Jonas and publicly accused him of cheating on her with actress Camilla Belle. Taylor wrote Better Than Revenge and stripped Belle of stealing Jonas from her and using her actress status for it. Swift sings in the song “and you’re good for the things you do on the bed“. Yes, she did write that. 

When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler joked at Taylor’s dating life, Swift didn’t take it toh well and said the duo would go to hell. And what about you, Miss? Wouldn’t you go the same place for stripping Camilla Belle of her dignity and character? 

Swift then dated John Mayer who had long had a reputation of a bad boyfriend and comparing his girlfriends to drugs and what not. Her parents didn’t like him much but she still had an affair with him (because she wanted to write a song about him). She humiliated him with the song – Dear John. 

Swift dated Taylor Lautner because he was then one of the most famous emerging young stars because of his werewolf role in Twilight movie franchise. Since she needed a sad breakup song to up her album sales she broke up with him only to regret it later. She tried to get back with him but obviously he had had enough. 

And then she trapped my man, Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal, who had then broken up with actress Reese Witherspoon, was hypnotised by Swift because this time she needed an A-lister and someone who was at the top of his game. Jakey dear was sceptical from the very start because of their nine year age gap and her reputation of writing songs about her boyfriends. He wanted a private life but Swift wanted to be in the limelight which landscaped their short time. She wrote 80% of Red singing about Jake Gyllenhaal and took home millions and millions. She criticised him of making her cry and being a bad, bad beau but as a true gentleman Jake had so far remained silent about the whole thing. 

The so-called American sweetheart then turned cougar and went after Connor Kennedy and Harry Styles one by one. She now took advantage that she was more popular and richer than them and took them here and there on her private jet only to dump them later and write songs about them. 

Most of the guys she’s dated have been extremely sweet and nice to not talk about their past while she blasted them with her cruel ways. And I’m sooooo happy that Harry Styles is hitting back at her! It’s his way of telling he’s had enough and he’d tolerate no more songs about his hella good hair and everything else


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